Lucking gases will be creative, full of self discipline and dedication of the team as a company's greatest wealth, with "respect for people, trust people, shaping people" as the company personnel management idea, to keep people, educating people.
        The company has today is the result of the overall team collaboration, talent construction is the cornerstone of the development of the company, only the team's comprehensive quality upgrade to nourish the growing. Establish a fair system in the internal company, in order to achieve respect for human. Lucking gases "democracy" gold prevailing wind, both on the formulation of personnel appointment and removal, compensation and benefits, employee rewards and punishment system, or the company faced a major decision making and adjustment, are reflected in opinion and collective wisdom. Advocacy of "self management" in management, the function and the business sector to the core index as a guide, independent work, through the monthly report will self evaluation and self summary form. Company personnel appointments reflect "to maximize the advantages, disadvantages of minimizing" way; with the help of new employees regularly visit, the group's activities, the internal operation of the project, build learning platform, establish communication channels.
        Trust is the foundation construction company cohesion, lucking gases to system conduction specification tangible, build trust barriers and compulsory reference line, also with the spirit of the intangible culture, creating a harmonious working environment for employees.
        Lucking gases actively undertake social responsibilities to employees, the protection of workers rights of every employee and occupation health, create rich social responsibility of professional team.

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We will be adhering to the "respect for people, trust people, shaping people" business philosophy of talent, the future, create brilliant.